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Deep Space Nine Stillness
A non animated icon challenge community
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12th-Feb-2007 02:27 pm - Extension - Challenge #11
Since there weren't enough entries this week, I'm extending Challenge #11 - Elim Garak until Sunday, February 18th. Remember, there's a gallery available now, so you don't have to seek out your own images if you don't want to.
10th-Feb-2007 04:50 pm - Reminder
Challenge #11 - Elim Garak ends tomorrow! There is now a gallery available here, but you can use any images you like.
The monthly theme for February is: Cardassians!

The challenge for the first week is Challenge #11 - Elim Garak.

*No animation.
*You may enter up to five icons.
*All icons should include Garak.
*Entries are due by Sunday, February 11th, noon American EST.
*Submit entries in a comment here (screened) or email to: ds9.stillness@gmail.com
*Include both the icon and URL if you comment. Include your username if you email.

You are not limited to the images in the gallery.

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I'm still looking for other maintainers. Please comment if you're interested.
Again, I find myself needing to apologize for not keeping up with this community. It's clear now that I need a little help now that I have a busier schedule.

So, is there anyone interested in helping me maintain the community? This would involve keeping in contact with me via an instant messanger program (AIM is preferable), screencapping or searching for images for the challenge galleries, and other forms of housekeeping. One or two co-maintainers would be best. I would still do a majority of the work, but I need someone to help out when I'm overwhelmed with real life work.

Thank you in advance to anyone who offers their help.

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29th-Jan-2007 06:46 pm - Challenge #10 - Voting
*Only vote for one icon in each category.
*Do not vote for your own icons.
*Look at all of the icons before voting. If one seems to be missing or doesn't load fully, hit refresh. If it still doesn't load, contact me before voting.
*If there are enough entries there may be a couple of extra categories like "Most Creative". You may vote for one of the icons you voted on for first, second, or third place again or you may vote for different icons. If you don't want to vote for the extra categories, just leave those text boxes blank.
*If you have any questions about the voting process, feel free to ask.

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This week's challenge coming up in a moment. :)
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