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Deep Space Nine Stillness
A non animated icon challenge community
Challenge #9 - Far Beyond the Stars 
15th-Jan-2007 12:12 pm
There will be no monthly theme for January since it will only be two challenges.

This is Challenge #9 - Far Beyond the Stars. You may only make icons from the images supplied in the gallery. There are nine to choose from, so you shouldn't feel too limited.

*No animation.
*You may enter up to five icons.
*Icons should only be made from the images supplied in the gallery.
*Entries are due by Sunday, January 21st, noon American EST.
*Submit entries in a comment here (screened) or email to: ds9.stillness@gmail.com
*Include both the icon and URL if you comment. Include your username if you email.

Images from TrekCore.com.

Remember to vote for Challenge #8!
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